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“Woman • Life • Freedom – What’s happening in Iran?”

What’s happening in Iran?

The largest protests against the Islamic Republic dictatorship in Iran in over 43 years began in September 2022 following the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old girl. Amini was hit by the Islamic Republic (IR) morality police, while in custody, for not wearing the hijab in accordance with the government’s regulations. She died 2 days later in hospital due to internal bleeding. 

As the protests spread city by city across the country, it became a nationwide movement against the Islamic Republic regime. Several people, especially young ones, were killed or arrested in the streets when they fought with empty hands with repressive forces. Over 4 months, more than 500 people were killed, including 70 children. Furthermore, it is estimated that more than 19,000 people were detained and kept in prisons, while most of them are being tortured by the IR forces. Some of them were sentenced to death and 4 young boys have already been executed. It has been confirmed that young girls and boys, who are kept in prison, are being raped by IR agents.

In the past 4 months, Iranian protesters have made it quite clear that they consider the regime unreformable and are pursuing its demise, without a clear leader.

Most of these pictures were taken by protesters during the last four months, but some of them show young victims brutally killed by the regime. The aim of this gallery is to give audience a real glimpse of what is happening in Iran and how young people are demanding rights and being suppressed, arrested, raped, and killed. Today, Iranian youths are standing against oppression and injustice. Let’s see these moments and be their voice across the world!

We appreciate your time visiting the “Women, Life, Freedom” photo exhibition organized by Telliskivi Loomelinnak and the Iranian Supportive Organization in Estonia.

Iranian Supportive Organization (ISO)

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