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Liisa Kruusmägi “Exhibition no. 31”

Liisa Kruusmägi’s “Exhibition no. 31” created for the Fahle Gallery can now be viewed in the Telliskivi Creative City from 20.05.20. The exhibition has changed on the way to the Creative City – fresh creations have been added and some of the works exhibited at the Fahle Gallery have also been exhibited at the Spring Exhibition organised by and at the Estonian Artists’ Union. Liisa Kruusmägi’s work can also be enjoyed on the large screens of the SOLARIS Centre’s atrium and in the lifestyle store WAB Store, at the FOORUM Centre.

The thirty-first solo exhibition of Liisa Kruusmägi is a continuation of last year’s exhibition “Lemonade on the Asphalt”. While in the past the protagonist of the paintings was often a lonely, thoughtful girl in a homely environment, now this girl has gone on a journey. Her path leads to the mountains, to the forest and the sea, and is accompanied by friends and wildlife, blazing campfires and enchanting nature. The author has been able to convey all this in her inherently ethereal imaginative language – black and white drawings grow into vivid combinations of colors and in the moments captured as paintings, the past – the story of the creation of paintings, and the visual environment – are perceived. The contours and spatters of color on the canvas are like a shaman’s drum – markers for the mind that invite and promise to travel by giving notes for the journey, but all the information is more perceptible – the imagination remains free – “We have a nice campfire night right now but do you know what happened next?”

“There are both large and small pictures of both Midsummer’s Day or flamingos, as well as squirrels and tourists gazing into the distance. You have to come and see for yourself the rest of all the interesting and exciting,” comments the author.

Liisa Kruusmägi was born in Tallinn in 1988. She has acquired a bachelor’s degree in painting at the Estonian Academy of Arts and graduated in 2013 with a master’s degree in drawing. Kruusmägi has attended the Rhode Island School of Design and has taken part in residency programs at the James Black Gallery in Vancouver, the artist-in-residence base AIRY and Art Space Yosuga in Japan, and the Kitokia Grafika’s risography printing studio in Lithuania. Her solo exhibitions have taken place in Portugal, Sweden, Canada, Japan, USA, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany and Estonia. She has participated in group exhibitions in addition to the previous in London, Berlin, Slovakia, Italy, Finland and Russia. Liisa Kruusmägi is a freelance painter who also works as an illustrator.

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