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In the beginning EERIN brand was mostly associated with children’s organic cotton clothes. The 12-year-old brand has grown rapidly and is today also dear to grown-ups and their wardrobes.

Textile designer Jette Heinlo is the one behind the Eerin world. Eerin is important in both in Jette’s home and work life. It’s the name given to her biological child as well as Jette’s other “baby” – clothing brand and a store with the same name. In addition, Eerin means a little gray owl to Australian Aboriginal people and is a common name there for girls.

The owl is a smart bird. Eerin’s brand acts wisely too. Having been exposed to allergies (which were also caused by toxic dyes and other chemicals found in clothes) throughout her life, Jette wanted to use only ethical and ecological materials in her products – organic cotton, bamboo, merino wool. Although the visuals of the products (by artist Ulla Saar) are absolutely cute and the clothes fit well on the bodies of both kids and women (pregnant women as well), material is and will be the number one important element in Eerin products.

As Jette spends most of her time in the shop, she has a direct link to customers’ feedback files. Occasionally, new products get inspired by random couple of words heard in the store. “I would like a sleeveless bamboo dress that would suit also with my growing belly.” Alright! Eerin’s tiny

team comes together, a small meeting is held, the right fabric and right cut is found and the next day they go to production. Eerin is truly a craft brand in the best sense. All products are made in Estonia and hand-printed with screen printing technology. “While the brand has grown over time, we still consider it important that images and messages are printed on all products by hand,” Jette emphasizes. In the early days even the price tags of theproducts were drawn by themselves.

Which shades, products, and cuts are generated next, is a surprise. We can only be sure that Eerin will stay true to the ethical, aesthetic and Estonian character of the brand.


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