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PREMIERE´23: “So You Think You Can Dance” and “The silence was also unbearable”

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PREMIERE, a platform for newcomers to contemporary dance, will present this year the debut productions of Unholy Trinity (Annabel Tanila, Daniela Privis ja Kärt Koppe) and Liisi Hint.

PREMIERE is a series debut for directors, offering a professional platform for choreographers to create their first movement-based production.

Unholy Trinity’s “So you think you can dance” and Liisi Hint´s “The silence was also unbearable” productions will premiere on the Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava as part of the choreographer’s debut series PREMIERE on February 16th, 2023.

Liisi Hint “The silence was also unbearable”

Layer by layer.

Hit after hit.

Louder and louder.

Do you hear?

Sounds like the pain threshold is almost crossed.

The dance performance “The silence was also unbearable” seeks an answer to the question of whether it is possible to find new strength and power through a vulnerable and complicated state.

Two bodies meet on stage. Balancing on the edge of comfort and discomfort, between tenderness and attack, they look for ways to turn the absurdity found in the twists and turns of the inner world outward. It is like their personal confession, with which they want to start a dialogue with themselves, each other and the audience. However, doing it once is not enough, and the rhythm created in this repetition is stuck in the room, starting to echo, amplify and transform. Do they allow themselves to be freed by it?

Because while this process is exhausting, the silence is even more unbearable.

Liisi Hint (1994) is an archivist and a young dance artist who tries to explain the surrounding absurdity by describing her personal bodily and emotional experience. Hint deals with topics such as identity, ambiguity, shame, seeing the body at the center of the research as something personal and at the same time social. She graduated in summer 2022 bachelor’s studies in performing arts at the dance center of the Berlin University of the Arts (HZT), trying to find a connection with the history major previously acquired at the University of Tartu in the course of artistic discoveries. Currently, Hint is collaborating with her fellow coursemate Maria Ladopoulos.

Liisi Hint “The silence was also unbearable”

Director: Liisi Hint

Dancer: Maria Ladopoulos

Playwright: Siret Campbell

Light designer: Iiris Purge

Sound designer: Doris Hallmägi

Duration: 40 min


Unholy Trinity “So You Think You Can Dance”

SO you think you can dance

So YOU think you can dance

So you THINK you can dance

So you think YOU can dance

So you think you CAN dance

So you think you can DANCE

“So You Think You Can Dance” is Unholy Trinity’s debut as choreographers. The performance is inspired by the multi-Emmy winning dance show of the same name. In the emulsion of the fictitious and the real world, the artists together with the professional dance teacher Birgit Plaser are looking for reasons why the dance scene is fragmented. An entertainment simulation is created in the performance space, which encourages the audience to practice empathy: “How do you find interest in what seems wrong, boring or pointless?” During the academic hour, the performers become presenters, guests, judges, contestants and technicians. The viewer has the opportunity to experience a tragic success story.

The creation of the work has been influenced by the thoughts of thinkers Michel Foucault, Bojana Kunst, ABBA, Jean Baudrillard, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Michael Göbel, Kai Valtna, Raido Bergstein, Birgit Plaser, Kärt Koppel, Daniela Privis, Annabel Tanila, Stefano Mattozzi, Mikk-Mait Kivi, Kristel Zimmer, Kärt Kelder, Ziwe, Fumudoh, Krõot Kiviste, Markus Monak, Janet Jackson, Laura Sinimäe, Samira Elagoz, Ruslan Stepanov, Jengi, Billie Eilish (will be updated)

Unholy Trinity are three budding and mediocre dance artists who won’t shy away from anything. They dare and want to try what they have never tried before, test what they are afraid of, strive not to repeat themselves and experience in order to share. Getter Jaani says: “Life is a theater!” and Unholy Trinity signs this quote. If not as dancers then as certified dance teachers.

Unholy Trinity has built their house at the eˉlektron festival “Nature as Magic”, held a party and a birthday at Made in Estonia marathon at Kanuti Gildi SAAL, released its book at the performative bookshop “Kausaal”, produced merch at the lifestyle festival “Kasaganaan”, sought out patrons at Maardu Dekannaal, spun records at the presentation of Tidi&Bande debut album “Hommikpäevõhtuöö” and organized a public audition in the performance platform Greenfield at Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava.

Unholy Trinity is Annabel Tanila, Daniela and Kärt Koppel.

Annabel Tanila is a young performance artist from Saaremaa, who graduated from the Viljandi Academy of Culture’s dance major, and who actively deals with the issue of the death of the artist’s ego. She explores this through improvisation and serendipity. Her work is characterized by creating a mood (in other words creating a corresponding vibe) and fearless “f*ck it” mode.

Daniela Privis is a young dance artist who is interested in formal games and bringing spectacular solutions from pop culture to the stage. She likes to swim between disciplines and look for inspiration in social media trends. Her visual handwriting can be described as naive, at times ridiculous. Daniela likes to explore the fusion of boundaries between life and art.

Kärt Koppel is a young performance artist whose main working method is searching. Searching because it seems to be the best cure for ignorance. She is interested in the fringes between pop and high culture, which she explores through text, social media and performing arts. Kärt’s works are ideas, concepts and form games hatched in an office aesthetic.

Unholy Trinity “So You Think You Can Dance”

Author: Unholy Trinity

On the stage: Kärt Koppel, Birgit Plaser, Daniela Privis, Annabel Tanila

DJ: Stefano Matozzi

Art: Kristel Zimmer

Video and light: Mikk-Mait Kivi
Duration: 40 min

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