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Anna Kõuhkna “Thoughts” exhibition

To come to the right thought, an unforeseen feeling of lightness will grasp, telling me a story about everlasting love. Tells it continuously, whatever is taking place on the outside. If i’d learn that path of thought, i’d visit it more often or even move in. The tangible journey to peace is almost dissapperaing, when you let yourself believe in a vanity illusion of even a more beautiful place. It glows and sparkles from the distance, but on the arrival you are feeling more empty than ever before. So we are on the thought-roads of one or another, feeling like at home in one and trapped in another. It is interesting, that it doesn’t matter how many times you voluntarily step into a trap, you couln’t have known it was one – being blinded with your naiveness and all. Are the wrong thoughts then a necessity, to start recognizing the right one?

“Thoughts” illustrate and describe processes that take place in the mind and heart of a woman, let them be homecomings or recedings. The visual part of the series contain prevalently nature, mostly interior plants which are a metaphor and symbols for thoughts. Additionally there are abstract paintings which complement the whole, but what tell the same story in their content, what the figural images.
Exhibition comprises many unpublished works. The illustrations on canvases were predominantly born inspired from the artists photographs, which have created a new meaning and form for themselves, reborn in a new interpretation.