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Kopli Couture is a rather dangerous place. Be aware that if you decide to enter the shop the world that you leave behind you might not seem the same again. Kopli Couture is like a visit to Audrey Hepburn’s, Mick Jagger’s and Gwen Stefani’s closets, to George Michael’s music video and The Beatles’ concert. You are greeted by beautiful smiling people that are happy to pour you Gucci or Versace at the pink bar counter. The air is filled with music from the past that might as well sing “You are the Universe”. Take a seat on the light blue vintage sofa from the 1960’s and admit that life around you is actually pretty okay.

But the most bold and beautiful in the shop are not David Bowie or Beyonce, but Veronika and Evelin, the owners of Kopli Couture universe. These girls have had the incurable love for vintage stuff for ages. In 2017 a shop was opened in Kopli (an area in Tallinn still considered a bit dangerous) that sold couture style clothing as well. So, as a mix of ghetto and couture, Kopli Couture was a suitable name for the newborn.

Most of the things seen in the shop are brought in from Amsterdam. The women have established a special status in vintage halls there as they are allowed to hand-pick items and choose only the best treasures to bring with them to Estonia. Let us add that normally people need to buy a closed bag of clothes not knowing what they’ll get. Like a lottery or a box of chocolate. But Evelin and Veronika only take the most handsome and best quality clothes as they need to meet the expectations of their customers who are accustomed to meet nothing but the best in their shop.

Alongside the clothes, several events take place in their spacious shop at Telliskivi Creative City – fashion shows, parties, concerts.

If you still doubt whether to put a = between a regular thrift shop and Kopli Couture, think again. We swear in the name of David Bowie that you won’t find any worn-out clothes with the scent of mouldiness.


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