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Artist Talk “From anxiety to anxiety disorders”

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Thursday, 27.01.2021 at 7 p.m.

The artist talk is part of the art exhibition and series of events Treatment of Diseases. Controlled. 

The artists depict their private experiences and psychic incomes, their ways of working and adaptability for free in the works created for this purpose. However, the exhibition goes even further than the impression and being, allowing the artists to reveal personal psychological challenges and the background of creation in an even more private way in video interviews. Let’s turn an art hall into a psychotherapy session or – as Ülo Kiple would have said – a “madhouse”.

Alice Kask, Kaupo Kikkas, Laurentsius, Maarit Murka, Tiit Pääsuke and clinical psychologist and psychotherapist Katri-Evelin Kalaus, psychiatrist Katrin Orav (Center for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy SENSUS).

Everyone is worried sometimes. There is always more to worry about when there are changes and practical problems, uncertainty and responsibility increase. Who wouldn’t have the last ones. Times favor them. Concentration and sleep can always be a little disturbed by worrying. Will also grow to come. However, we will continue to act, our problems will be solved and our worries will diminish over time. They are often worried and for a long time, they are very satisfied and some people are unbearable. Generalized disorder is the most common primary mental disorder. Excessive worry is in vogue.

In the evening of the conversation, we will discuss the issues of worrying with the artists, the problems arising from the worrying and coping strategies. Let’s talk about the effect of creation on the psyche. Also the possibilities of modern hiatria and psychotherapy in dealing with excessive worries and prevention of health problems.

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