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Tiina Tiitus Moments Unremembered

With the exhibition Moments Unremembered, fashion designer Tiina Tiitus returns to art after being away from the creative sector for 30 years. With an exhibition consisting of eighty charcoal and graphite sketches and pencil drawings, Tiitus boldly and uncomplicatedly returns to the field of visual art.

A sketch, or a sketch drawn from nature, is fascinating for the artist, because in addition to speed, it requires both virtuosity and correctness. The sketch line must be firm and honest. The emotion is either born momentarily with every created line, or it doesn’t arise at all.  An artist does not have time to think about proportions and anatomy when making a sketch, rather the focus becomes the silhouette, the unique shape and dynamism of the body. Tiitus’ works are full of feelings and born with one breath. Her favourites are strong, one-line works, but also sketches in which details and materials have received enough attention.

The pencil drawings which were partly born from a book illustration course are calm and focused as a counterweight to the sketches. Over time, feeling, elegance and beauty have been added to the works – qualities that were important to Tiitus when she worked as a fashion designer.

Tiina Tiitus (b. 1967) graduated in 1992 from ERKI (Estonian National Art Institute, today’s Estonian Academy of Arts) majoring in fashion. From 1992 to 2005, Tiitus had her own fashion studio, where she designed suits for businessmen and fancy dresses for presidential receptions. For many years, she cooperated with both local and international companies, designing men’s clothes in particular, and in the 1990s and 2000s, among other things, she designed a large part of the uniforms for local security guards. She has also tried her hand as an interior designer and was the creative director of a Tallinn department store for many years. Tiitus has collaborated with many magazines as a columnist and stylist and participated in several international joint exhibitions.

Since 2003, Tiitus has devoted herself to the topics of people’s self-development and relationships. Three successful books have been published by her: “Happy Relationship”, “Hidden Secrets of Love” and “The Love of Life. Reflections on the Possibility of Eternal Love”. Tiitus is a valued advisor and author, lecturer and columnist.

Although Tiitus took a decades-long hiatus from drawing, it has remained her great passion and dream. After participating in several courses, Tiitus dares to share the forms of expression of her old passion with viewers. With the exhibition Moments Unremembered, a personal entrance to Tiitus’ creativity has been opened again.


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