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Rauno Pella Project “When Light Embraced The Dark” concert

Osta pilet

Rauno Pella has played with thousands of musicians, bands and orchestras all over the world during the 19-year music career. The resulting influences have inspired music in his debut album, “When Light Embraced The Dark,” with musicians from more than 30 heads from 4 different countries. Some of the more recognizable names on the album are guest by Anneke van Giersbergen (The Netherlands), who is mostly known as the former singer of The Gathering, but is now known mainly for his solo project, VUUR, and for many years the stage partner for progressive metal Devin Townsend Project, Anathema, Arjen Lucassen, James Labyrinth (Dream Theater) and others. The drums are accompanied by Morgan Ågren (Sweden), whose most famous recordings are in co-operation with Devin Townsend’s “Casualties of Cool” drummer, and Meshuggah’s solo album, Fredrik Thordendal. The works of Estonian jazz musicians include Kristjan Randalu, Ain Agan, Mai Agan, Heikko Remmel, Mairo Marjamaa, Marek Talts, Marti Tarın and others.
Stylistically, it is primarily a progressive rock that is heavily influenced by the melancholy of the Scandinavian jazz and whose lyrical constitution is hidden in stories in chronological order. For a true proge, jazz music, ambient music and a singer-songwriter fan, this album guarantees high quality moments from end to end. The album will be released on May 23, and the presentation concert at the VABALAVA Theater-Concert Club will take place the following evening.

On the stage there is a 15-member band constisting of:

Rauno Pella – guitar, keyboards, back vocals
Triin Lutsoja – Vocal
Niko Tsonev [UK] (Ex-Steven Wilson, Lifesigns) – guitar [VERY SPECIAL GUEST]
Mathieu Spaeter [FRA] – guitar
Henno Kelp – bass guitar
Madis Muul – Keyboards
Karl-Juhan Laanesaar – drums
Cariné Jessica Kostla – back vocal
Aleksandra Kirikal – back vocal
Indrek Palu – an electric voyage
Leonora Palu – flute
Gloria Kadarpik – the first violin
Kristjan Rudanovski – another violin
Sandra Klimaite – Viola
Kristjan Plink – cello

The guests are: Mikk Saar, Hanna Martinson, Mikk Tammepõld, Eliis Pärna, Oliver Timmusk, Pille-Riin Karro and others.

The concert is filmed for DVD and Blue-Ray release, which is why shooting is strictly prohibited!

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