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Paul Kormašov Evenings on the 5th Floor

Evenings on the 5th Floor is a loosely bound series of paintings created in the artist’s 5th floor studio. The year 2022, when most of the exhibited artworks were created, brought an unexpected crisis in personal life in addition to the increasing global turbulence. What followed can be described as a months-long wandering in a maze of dark tunnels, barely having any balance. Then suddenly, on one grey autumn’s day, the first ray of light broke through. In the midst of a deep nothingness the outlines of life became visible again – those first colours and a little bit of warmth. Hope. Suddenly it was not a tunnel anymore but a vast night sky, filled with thousands of little lights, possibilities, endings and changes. Fragile like the beginnings of a feeling they remain distant, yet so real and older than time.


All the while the room on the 5th floor stands still under the starry sky. The lights are on and paint is falling on the canvas. There is no time to lose, as life continues also in the dark and even the night does not last forever.


Paul Kormašov (b.1989 in Tallinn) is an Estonian painter who has been living and working in Berlin, Germany for the past eight years. He graduated from Pallas University of Applied Sciences in 2013 and has since been active as a freelance painter. His main style of work is colourful abstractionism with occasional figurative features – such as industrial landscapes and other elements of nature and life in the city. Kormašov has had seven private exhibitions and regularly participates in group shows in Berlin and Estonia. His works are represented in multiple private collections across the world.

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