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Indrek Orro’s private collection exhibition Three Together

On Friday, January 19 at 6 p.m., the exhibition “Three together” from the private collection of Indrek Orro will open in the Vaal gallery. The exhibition will remain open until February 17, Tue–Fri 12–18, Sat 12–16.

The Indrek Orro art collection exhibition “Three together” offers us an insight into the three locations of his collection: his home next to Haapsalu, his office near Tallinn and the Taal manor next to Tor. The presentation bringing together a private collection with such a diverse location is even the first for the Vaal gallery, which has been operating for over 30 years, and in such a unifying way also illustrates the developments in the practice of art collecting that have come with the progress of Estonia.

Entrepreneur Indrek Orro’s road map to art has been shaped by his acquaintance with Epp-Maria Kokamäe and Jaak Arro, which began in the mid-1990s. He had already experienced the first signs of the field of influence of painting earlier at the exhibitions of the Tallinn Art Building, catching himself standing fascinated by the works of Jaak Arro. Arro has remained one of his favorite authors, to whom he also entrusted the solution of the central views of the interior during the renovation of the Taali manor – and the result is undoubtedly a unique composition of wooden paintings spanning three floors in the modern Estonian manor culture.

Another author Orro has focused on collecting is Urmas Viik. The exhibition here features a selection of lithos from the creation of the so-called blue period of the early 1990s, where one of the recurring motifs is the butterfly as the great spirit of transformation. Viigi’s line culture has interested him to this day, and the collection has also included works from the artist’s last series of werewolves.

The constantly expanding collection is broad-based, today there are works by more than 50 artists.

Indrek Orro’s art collection has grown and found exhibition spaces in step with the owner: in 2001, the first home was completed, in 2005 the purchase of the manor and the start of renovation, in 2015 the company moved from rented premises to its own office buildings. The art in these places is not just an interior filler, but offers a spacious and genuine example of how art can inspire and then in turn further influence the overall creation of space and, of course, the minds of those who are there.

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