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Sound Art Exhibition Sound Speaks

The exhibition Sound Speaks, which is part of the I Don’t Get It art festival, brings together seven Estonian sound artists who will create a spatial soundscape. Different ideas related to sound art have been combined to a complete composition, which can be experienced as sound events when moving around the space. While the experience of perceiving sounds is central to the exhibition, the various ways of interacting with their material form also result in diverse visuals. 


Our living environment is full of sounds that have been created by both nature and human activity. We do not even notice most of these sounds. The habit of selective hearing usually prevents us from getting annoyed, but also charmed by the inevitable noises of daily life. A more experienced listener knows how to imbue surrounding sounds with additional personal meaning, and the next level is sound artists creating sounds that are separate from the functional living environment and have their own semantic field or highlighting existing ones in new ways.      


Artists Erik Alalooga, Katrin Enni, Liisa Hirsch, Raul Keller, Mari-Liis Rebane, Sten Saarits, Taavi Suisalu give the floor to sounds that are born out of noticing and giving meaning to sounds. This way, the exhibition allows you to enter a unified sound space and experience sounds in their different modes of existence, ranging from the sounds made by kinetic sound machines to the condition in the listener’s mind in anticipation of sounds. 


Artists: Erik Alalooga, Katrin Enni, Liisa Hirsch, Raul Keller, Mari-Liis Rebane, Sten Saarits, Taavi Suisalu

Curator: Aivar Tõnso

Exhibition project managers: Bianka Soe, Sigrid Kaljund 

Graphic designer: Johannes Naan

Production: Raivo Raidvee

Educational programme: Liis Vares

Translator: Kaisa Kaer

Thanks: Andrus Aaslaid & Cabaret Volta, Tanel Alumäe, Maria Aua, Egle Ehtjen, Maarin Ektermann,, Ivo Janis, Kelli Gedvil, Herkko Labi, Mikk Lankots, Hans-Gunter Lock, Holger Loodus, Ian Simon Märjama, Allan Prooso (Ra Sun), Sven Sosnitski, Karl Taul, Timo Toots, Mari Tudre, Hello Upan, Tarvo Varres, Kristina Õllek.

Exhibition is open Wed–Sat 12–19 and Sun 12–17.
• Discount 3€*
• Adult 4€
• Family ticket 10€ **
Children under 8 years and people with disabilities enter the exhibitions for free
* student, teacher (ISIC, ITIC), senior, member of Estonian Artists’ Association, Ukraine citizenship holder
** up to two adults and their kids

The exhibition is organised by Telliskivi Creative City and supported by Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

The exhibition is opened as part of the I Don’t Get It art festival, which will take place on 9-10 in June 2023 in Telliskivi Creative City.

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