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Distance Between Us

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In her latest work “Distance Between Us” choreographer Jana Jacuka focuses on the fragility of relationships and on the euphoria and codependency created by feelings. Text, alongside movement, has played an important role in her previous works, but this time the body is the main medium. A carousel of emotions weaves throughout the performance, as two people seek closeness and then withdraw once again.

“Distance Between Us” received three nominations of Latvian National Dance Awards: Jana Jacuka was nominated as a ‘Choreographer of the Year’ and both performers – Jana Jacuka and Marģers Vanags – received a nomination as ‘Performers of the Year’. The performance itself received the reward as ‘Best Contemporary Dance Performance of the Year’.

“Distance Between Us” invites the spectator into a series of wonderfully choreographed images and exercises that foreground the relationship between the two performers. Masterfully combining a display of poise and endurance with intimacy, the work gives the audience the tools to feel the emotions, not just to observe them from the sidelines.” – The Jury of the National Dance Awards 2021-2022

Jana Jacuka is a choreographer and performer who, through sharing her own intimate experiences, manages to illuminate human relationship-issues that are acutely relevant within society. Graduated contemporary dance art bachelor programme at Latvian Academy of Culture (2018) she is now actively working in performance art and theater field, creating works as well as collaborating with other artists and working as movement director in Latvian theaters.

Choreography: Jana Jacuka
Performed by: Marģers Vanags and Jana Jacuka
Sound design: Normunds Balodis
Light design: Dina Beināre
Stage design: Sandijs Ruļuks
Costumes, poster: Estere Betija Grāvere
Producer: Theatre Ģertrūdes ielas teātris
Duration: 55 min
Premiere: 30/05/2022
Created with the financial support of the State Culture Capital Foundation.
Performance without text. Language is no problem.

Performance on the 24th of October will be followed by an artist talk with Jana Jacuka

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