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Anke Ellik retrospective Poetry of Capturing the Moment

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Poetry of Capturing the Moment

Anke Ellik. Retrospective


September 30 – November 30, 2023

Telliskivi Creative City, Container Pop-Up Gallery


This exhibition is a tribute and a timeless retrospective of the special moments captured by a person with an immense urge for life. Anke Ellik (1987–2022) always sought artistry and something unique in each of her sessions, which, for her, monochrome tonality highlighted best. Therefore, it can be said that this exhibition had already been pre-curated by her.

By capturing various characters, creating diverse moments, and evoking emotions, she developed her own style and uniqueness. I was fortunate to see many of her photos before they were made public. I remember the excitement that followed each session, as we discussed the most original pictures.

Anke evolved into a photographer capable of capturing the essence of people. She particularly excelled at photographing children in her works, and she loved portraits that told a story. She always valued moments that carried something special and inspired us to live more fully. With her camera, she brought something unique to light. In her lifetime, she took tens of thousands of photos, and the peak of her photography could be said to be the years 2018–2019, when most of her photographic series were born. Her last discovery trip took her to Paris, where one of her most beloved series was created.

Ave Sophia Maria Tölpt


Poetry of Capturing the Moment


It is said that a person lives as long as they are remembered by at least one other person. Anke Ellik gifted herself and her companions multiple lifetimes through her photography.


As a teacher, not all students are remembered, but when I heard about Anke’s passing, her piercing gaze immediately met mine in my mind’s eye. I remember her as a dedicated photographer who sought her own path, refusing to settle for what had already been captured by someone else. It seemed to me that she was just beginning to find her way in her photographic journey, so we can only imagine all the pictures that unfairly remained uncreated.


I pondered what words could characterize this exhibition and arrived at the phrase – the poetry of capturing the moment. Anke Ellik guides us through her pictures towards the path of eternity, helping us understand the significance of every moment and thus achieving a poetic dimension.


Kaupo Kikkas


Curator: Ave Sophia Maria Tölpt

Graphic Design and Production: Viktor Gurov

Installation: Hans-Otto Ojaste

Texts: Ave Sophia Maria Tölpt, Kaupo Kikkas

Initiator: Eike Lepp


Acknowledgments: Anke’s family, Benjamin Demelemester, Bianka Soe and Telliskivi Creative City, Hille Saluäär, Kaupo Kikkas, Krõõt Filippov, all individuals and characters depicted in the images

Print: Grano

With the exhibition, we also encourage everyone to donate to the cancer treatment foundation “The Gift of Life”. Please find more information here:


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