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2 + 2 = 22


I’d like to see that everything obeys me, but so that… I won’t have to step on anyone
I make my own rules to the game. I can handle this, I make myself strong, I crawl and I jump.
I sit on two chairs at once, go to three schools and speak four languages.
I know I’m loud, I’ll give you a tough battle.
I win and I lose and I learn and stumble, sometimes I mumble
When they want me to be humble I rumble until I crumble and drowse.
My rules are simple: I want no-one to nag me and no-one to bag me, I want to be a part of the gang and accepted as single. To sit among the big and be the hero to the small, I’m not a zero.
And be it said, that I won’t sit down with my mouth open so that someone else can stuff it with vitamins. I am full of vitality myself and have my own chair to tell right from wrong.
I want to become great… as the square root of time-space, to clarify the rules for everyone. Then we may play and have a good day.
But don’t forget I walk my way.
And you don’t take my toys without permission, if you don’t listen I will load my ammunition to stand my position
Don’t take my bag! Don’t come into my room! DON’T TOUCH MY STUFF! …without my permission
I want to stay friends as well as make friends
I just want to be cool in the end.
Because I go for contrast, thrill, rush and joy, foolish giggle, messy hair and good jokes… I like to do things backwards, SOMETIMES, or simply do them some other time, ANOTHER TIME.

Authors, choreographers, performers: Tiina Mölder, Kärt Tõnisson, Helen Reitsnik, Ajjar Ausma, Päär Pärenson
Light designer: Oliver Kulpsoo
Costume designer: Keili Retter
Set designer: Keili Retter, Oliver Kulpsoo
Composer: Lauri-Dag Tüür
Dramaturg: Andri Luup

Special thanks to: Uku Pärenson, Mirt Jasmiin Jõudvald, Sonja Ausma, Oliver Ausma, Edvard Laimets, Uljana Luup, Isabella Luup, Triinu Aron, Elina Dambe, Aigars Apinis, Rihards Jakovlevs, Valmiera Draamateater, Püha Johannese Kool, Nicole Kennedy, Aili Kennedy-Ewen, Joshua Davidson, Paul Davidson, Piret Eichhorn, Carl Gustaf Vihelm Eichhorn, Elizabeth Eichhorn, Orhan Kaya, Olga Voronova, Felix Tillemann, Ella Tillemann

Duration: 55min
Premiere: 30th of October 201

Outdoor Gallery
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