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Telliskivi Creative City 10!

🎈 Telliskivi Creative City celebrates 10th birthday! 🎈

As the 21st century landed, the former Kalinin factory was an impenetrable colossus at the intersection of Kalamaja and Pelgulinna districts. Commoners had no business here.

In 2009, the dozy region started to wake up – Telliskivi Creative City was born, which became the pulse of the creative power at the city. Our first tenant, the HQ of Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival were  followed by a weekly flea market and a skate park called Haigla, or Hospital.

Today Telliskivi Creative City is a self-sufficient city that overflows with  culture, design, street art, eateries and innovative businesses. On the other hand, Creative City is the largest creative business center in Estonia, which is home to 250 creative companies and organisations.

On 26th of April to 5th of May Telliskivi Creative City celebrates its birthday with a big festival full of creation.

Creative City will open the history of it and show its different facets by sub-festival “Hidden Side” which will open doors to the backrooms of several creators and artists. Expect workshops, concerts and talks.

Check out Creative City tours: Loomelinnak 10 x Tuurid
Find the programme of “Hidden Side” Loomelinnak 10 x Peidus pool

🔹 26 April

18:00 Opening of Iris Kivisalu photo exhibition “Before/After” of Creative City at the outdoor gallery
18:30 Opening of the dome installation by Estonian Art Academy “2700 litres” next to IDA Radio
21:30 Mark Guiliana’s Beat Music (USA) / Jazzkaar 2019
22:00 Birthday Night: Loomelinnak 10 ₪ Labürint 10° x Estonian Art Academy fashion show x Disco Tallinn Goes Jazz / Jazzkaar 2019 / Rasmus Faber + Lionman

🔹 27 April

10:00–15:00 Flea Market (Kirbuturg 10!) at Roheline saal

12:00 Tour – Jaak Juske tour of history (in Estonian)
12:00 Family concert Perekontsert:JAREK KASAR, JAAN PEHK & KIRKE KARJA /Jazzkaar 2019
17:00 MaiGroup feat. Greg Leisz (Eesti-USA-Rootsi)/Jazzkaar 2019
19:00 Shai Maestro Trio (Iisrael) / Jazzkaar 2019
20:45 Eyolf Dale Wolf Valley (Norra) / Jazzkaar 2019
23:00 Loomelinnak 10 x Bernhoft & the Fashion Bruises / Jazzkaar 2019
23:59 Kuradi Saar / Jazzkaar 2019

🔹 28 April

13.00-21.00 Birthday Day Club (Loomelinnak 10 x (sünni)Päevaklubi) at Erinevate Tubade Klubi
15:00 Jazzkaar 1990 rewrite: Raivo Tafenau Festivaliansambel & co
17:00 The Swingin’ Sisters / Jazzkaar 2019
19:00 John Scofield Combo 66 Trio (USA) / Jazzkaar 2019

🔹 29 April

12:00 Seminar Theatre I Dance (Teater | tants Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava)
16:00–17:00 Tour – La Muu ice cream factory (SOLD OUT)
18:00–19:00 Tour – La Muu ice cream factory (SOLD OUT)

🔹 30 April

16:00-18.00 Tour – Street Art at Creative City (in English). Start in front of Reval Cafe
21:30 Champions League play-off watching at Erinevate Tubade Klubi

🔹 1 May

11:00-16.00 Family Day – lots of creative activities for children
11:00 Movement workshop for families at Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava
13:00 Tour – «Городская прогулка по Творческому городку» (in Russian). Start in front of F-hoone
15:00 Tour – Street art at Creative City. Start in front of Reval Cafe

🔹 2 May

8:00-8:45 Tour – how the bread is made? At Muhu Leib
11:00-19:00 Hidden side of Creative City

12:00-14:00 Afganisthan lunch by Mondo
16:00 Tour – La Muu ice cream factory (SOLD OUT)
16:00 Tour – Urbanism. Start in front of F-hoone
19:00 Premiere performance (Premiere`19 – koreograafide debüütsari. Viimased etendused!) at Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava

🔹 3 May

11:00-19:00 Hidden side of Creative City
15:00 STL’s open lecture “What Is Documentary Choreography?” by Anastasia Proshutinskaya at Lift99co
19:00 Premiere ’19 performances at Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava

🔹 4 May

Cycle and skateboarding day
8:00-8:45 Tour – how the bread is made? At Muhu Leib
10:00-15:00 Flea Market at Roheline saal

11:00-19:00 Hidden side of Creative City
14.00 Tour – Hidden Creative City, start in front of F-hoone
Day and night Creative City Block Party at different venues of campus

🔹 5 May

11:00-19:00 Hidden side of Creative City
14.00 Forum Threatre
15:00 and 18:00 In Between/Kahevahel at Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava

🎈 Restaurants celebrate the birthday with a special menu!

❗️Stay tuned, the programme of the festival might change a bit! Keep your eye on Facebook event too!


🎈 We look forward to celebrate with you!

This event takes place everywhere :)