On 30th of August from 10 AM to 8 PM takes place the Telliskivi Flea Market Festival 2014. The biggest annual flea market event in Estonia with more than 300 vendors takes place for the third time. The day is filled with entertainment, exciting activities for kids, and delicious food.

At Telliskivi Flea Market Festival everyone is invited to trading with stuff that is still usable but one does not need anymore. There are also special handicraft, antique and homemade food products areas in the festival area. Telliskivi Retail Street will move outside and special pop-up shops by Les Petites, Dharma Fashion, Minu Väike Maailm and Mimesis will be opened in front of Telliskivi Loomelinnak.

The best friend of the festival the Re-use Centre (Uuskasutuskeskus) supports us with advice, opens a donation station and lends you a plate to eat which is good way of leaving a smaller ecological footprint during the festival.

The festival is environmentally friendly - re-usage of products and items is favoured and reasonable garbage management is a “must” (everybody should sort their garbage into different pins).

The Entertainment programme will be diverse and rich. DJs are playing laidback and joyful music. On the main stage you can see science theatre and lice-music acts. NGO Mondo opens it’s doors and invites you to visit them, taste fairtrade chocolate and coffee and listen to stories from third world countries visited by Mondo volunteers. Bid Kid’s Area is opened in the courtyard of Telliskivi Loomelinnak where kid’s can take part in workshops and try some activities that challnge their balance and skillfullness but offer a lot of fun.

Entrance fee is 1 €. More detailed information, the area plan and programme will be available shortly.

For Traders

There will be more than 300 sellingspots available in the festival. The whole market is divided into smaller specified areas – person-to-person re-use goods, vintage and antique, handicraft and food market (professional producers and homemade products).

Everyone can book a sellingspot and sell usable and functional stuff that one does not need anymore but what could be useful for others (clothes, dishes, appliances etc). Come and find some cool stuff.

Pre-booked sellingspot costs 10 € and booking the table on a festival day costs 15 €. Car places cost 15 € and 17 € depending on a size of a car. Sellingspot in food market costs 30 € + VAT.

Booking the sellingspots is organized by MTÜ Eesti Kirbuturg. For booking the spot visit www.kirbuturg24.ee (in estonian).

Booking the sellingspots in food market is organized by Telliskivi Loomelinnak. For booking please write kirbufestival@telliskivi.eu.


Telliskivi Flea Market Festival has two entertainment centers.

DJs will drive the mood near the restaurant Lendav Taldrik.

The list of DJs:

The main stage with live music and performances through the day is at the parking area of Telliskivi Loomelinnak (Telliskivi Creative City).

Listen to artist who will perform at flea market festival!

Performances and live music on stage:

Mondo opened doors

During the day you can buy handicraft produced by handicapped people and female entrepreneurs in third world countries. You have an opportunity to support fiar trade campaign and taste fairtrade chocolate and coffee. Mondo is situated in B-building, opposite to entrance of Vaba Lava theatre house!

Kids Area

You can find Kids Area behind A1 building, near F-hoone in Telliskivi Loomelinnak’s courtyard and in front of retail street (in Telliskvivi Street).

Circus Studio Folie organizes two juggleing workshops where every kid can try his/her skills and have fun. Workshops will take place at midday and 2 PM! Juggleing workshops are free of charge.

Surfiaed (surf and longboard shop) places slacklines between the trees. Your kids can have some fun and test their balance with instructors. In front of Telliskivi Loomelinnak (on the street) everybody can test Surfiaed longboard skateboards. Slacklines and longboards are free of charge.

Kids and grown-ups can experience the feeling of flying in gyroscope. See the video about gyroscope.

ARTE Kunst ja Hobi art equipment shops organizes art workshops from 11 AM to 4 PM.

NGO Tuba (Tuba.ee) organizes accessories making workshops from 11 AM to 5 PM!

Good Food

Telliskivi Loomelinnak is organizer of Tallinn Street Food Festival and honours the good food every time something bigger takes place. So the good food will conquer Flea Market Festival.

Throughout a day you can enjoy delicious meals made in place as well as wide choice of tasty products sold in food market.

Our stationary cafes-restaurants are opened: Lendav Taldrik, F-hoone, Reval Cafe, Pudel, Pokaal, Coffee Angels and Kirbuturu Kohvik.

In addition to that some nice newcomers and guests are coming:

Don’t forget to test and buy honey, meat and dairy products, health snacks, delicious cheeses, sweets and bakery in our food market as well!

For visitors

Be environmentally friendly!

- Please throw the garbage only to trash pins!

- Please sort the trash into different trash pins on the festival ground. - There will be separate pins for packages and dishes, biological (food) waste for tare and mixed garbage. Please do throw

- From the Re-use Centre plate lending service you can have a free plate for the day – please have your food served on this plate, wash it and return it afterwards. Let’s keep the disposable dishes away from nature.

- Reuse the drink cups – vendors will charge less when you refill the cup instead of buying a new one! It is possible to wash your cup during the day! The „cup-fee“ for 0,5 l plastic cup is 1 € and 0,5 € for smaller cups.

- Use the tap water for filling your bottle, washing your hands and dishes. - There is a water tank on the festival grounds supplied by Tallinna Vesi. The water is free. Please avoid leaving the tap open after use.

Best Practices during the Festival!

- Take some cash with you, most of the vendors accept only cash.

- During the peak times there may be longer waiting lines for the entrance to the festival area or at the food vendors. Please take your time and be patient.

- If you have children with you please pay attention and do not let them get lost. Big crowds may be a little bit scary for them! Please mind that the playground area does not provide childcare service. Please do not leave your children unattended.

- We recommend to wear comfortable sneakers, closed shoes or other closed footwear, because part of the festival area is not stone-covered.

- If you come on a bike, please leave the bike at the bicycle parking area. Bicycles are not permitted on the festival grounds.

- Nice festival guest is joyful, relaxed and respectful to other guests and vendors!

- Entrance fee is 1 €, free for kids under the age of 10!

How to come?

Tallinn Street Food Festival takes place in Telliskivi Loomelinnak (Telliskivi Creative City) - Telliskivi Street 60A.

Telliskivi Loomelinnak is a big creative industry and entertainment center in Kalamaja, just next to city center. It is former industrial area that is turned to offices, studios, galleries, design shops, cafes and restaurants. Big theatre will be opened in September 2014 as well. Read more about Telliskivi Loomelinnak (Telliskivi Creative Hub).

If you are staying in Tallinn, we recommend you to come:
- On foot
- By bike
- By public transport – train station (Balti Jaam) and tram station (trams nr 1, 2) are 5-minutes walk from Telliskivi Loomelinnak. It’s 7-minutes walk to trolley and bus station!

If you are coming from outside of Tallinn/Estonia, we recommend you to come:
- On foot from city center (12 minutes to Town Hall Square, 20-25 minutes to Viru Center)
- By train (5-minutes walk from the station)
- By tram from city center. You can easily reach city centre from bus station, port of Tallinn or airport. Take the tram number 1 or 2 and step off in station called "Telliskivi". Tram station is max 5-minutes walk from Telliskivi Loomelinnak.

If you are coming by car you can park in Telliskivi Loomelinnak’s parking lot or in Telliskivi and nearby streets.

If you are coming by bike, it is possible to park your bike inside the festival area, next to entrance from parking lot. The other bike locks are in front of Telliskivi Shopping Street and in front of main entrance in Telliskivi Street. It is not allowed to move around in the festival area by bike.

Find the best route to Telliskivi Loomelinnak:
- Walk from Town Hall Square
- Walk from Viru Center
- Walk from Freedom Square
- With tram from terminal A in Tallinn Harbour
- With tram from terminal D in Tallinn Harbour
- With tram from bus station
- With tram from Viru Center

There are three entrances to the Festival Ground:
1. „F-hoone“ entrance from Telliskivi Street
2. „Lendav Taldrik“ entrance from Telliskivi Street
3. „Parking lot“ entrance behind A3 building (in the courtyard)

Partners and supporters

Our biggest friend



Raimo Matvere
Main organizer - partner relations, marketing, volunteer and catering management
e-mail: raimo (at) telliskivi.eu
phone: (+372) 520 6098

Laura Lemberg
Producer - playground area, entertainment, volunteer and catering management
e-mail: laura (at) telliskivi.eu
phone: (+372) 5343 6391

Külli Toom
Vendor booking and management
e-mail: info (at) kirbuturg24.ee
post: (+372) 553 6195