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There is probably no designer in Estonia whose grandparents’ names have passed through the heads of fashionistas as much as Kristi Pärn’s. Kristi is the creator of a clothing brand called Ellen Richard, which is a direct reference to her grandparents Ellen and Richard. It was grandmother Ellen who taught Kristi to sew and infected her with an incurable ambition to create something.

The clothes have always been sewn by Kristi’s family. Linings were added to summer clothes at the beginning of winter to keep the life cycle of clothes as long as possible. The brand is extraordinary as it still carries on the tradition of family interaction. Kristi’s right hand, advisor and co-player of ping-ponging ideas is her son Andreas, who studies fashion art at the Estonian Academy of Arts. The result is design that is both modern and crazy, but also very practical. Generational diversity of the yin-yang tandem is additionally positive.

It is crucial for Kristi that all the clothes created in today’s over-consuming world are sustainable and can be worn in many ways according to the mood and need. Ellen Richard’s popular items are dresses, kimonos and blouses that can be worn with or without sleeves. The brand also offers a number of unisex clothing, and many products are also custom made.

Ellen Richard’s new collections are not launched by season, but are rather dictated by the market and weather. Only micro collections consisting of 5-6 different models are produced. Of course, all products are made of natural fabrics and handmade in Estonia. In addition to Kristi’s own brand, the studio shop also includes young talented designers, whose jewellery, lingerie, glasses or bags blend well with Ellen Richard’s clothes. In the future, Kristi hopes to organize more events in the shop, such as cozy mini-concerts.

By the way, the interior of the store (all on wheels to quickly change the room if necessary) has been built by Kristi and her husband. Crafts and passion in this shop just burst from all sides.


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