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Back in 2016, Elisa and Triinu accidentally ended up on a trip to Paris together. They became friends, and while visiting small indie bookshops understood that there should be more stores like these in Estonia as well.

Dare to think and it ends up a reality! A year later the girls opened their first bookshop in the Old Town of Tallinn. On the first day, some of the shelves were already looking quite empty and the girls has to come up with a solution real quick.

Although Elisa and Triinu swallow books like prana from the air, the urban legend that they have read all the books in the shop is not true. However, they have a great instinct for recommendations and they do tend to read a lot. For example, Elisa always has a book or five in her bag. 

The girls are convinced that books will come to life at exactly the right time. Like people. 

Often, visitors open up in a special way in the bookstore. “People share here their adventures and (life) experiences. It is not uncommon for friendships to be established in front of our eyes. Quite naturally behind the books,” Elisa and Triinu smirk. It’s all fun, as the girls admit, Puänt is not a classic bookstore.

Puänt moved to Telliskivi Creative City in 2018 and is morelike a small culture chamber where discussions, book presentations and concerts take place. You can also just drink coffee and look out of the window. “The thoughts of what could be done here, have no end,” Elisa and Triinu confirm.

Whatever happens on the universal level, Triinu and Elisa are confident that books will never disappear from the world. There is no substitute for the enjoyment of holding a book in your hand. “Fiction, developing empathy, will save the world,” Elisa adds quite confidently.



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