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Tallinn Street Food Festival 2020


Tallinn Street Food Festival takes place on June 13-14.


Gather around to join the biggest street food festival in Estonia.


Apply to become a food vendor

We choose exciting and original food vendors offering high-quality food to participate in the Street Food Festival. Applying is open! The food vendors interested in participating are expected to introduce themselves and the food they offer as well as present ideas that will serve as the main criteria for our selection process.

After the completion of the competition, the organising team and experts will select the participants and compile a waiting list to replace vendors who give up their places.

Please read the following information and requirements for participation before applying.


🍉 General information

  1. Tallinn Street Food Festival takes place on the 13th of June at 11.00-23.59 and on the 14th of June at 11.00-18.00. First and foremost we expect the participation of those food vendors who are prepared to open their kitchens on two days.
  2. The expected number of visitors in Tallinn is about 24 000. Roughly a fifth of the guests are foreign visitors.
  3. We will hand out a quarter of the places for food vendors in the competition. The rest of the places have been reserved for food vendors whom we have invited to participate from Estonia and abroad as well as caterers that operate in Telliskivi Creative City on a daily basis. Total number of vendors is about 90.


🍎 Thinking green: our principles

  1. Tallinn Street Food Festival tries hard to keep the environmental impact of the festivals as minimal as possible. Hence, food vendors at the festival are subject to several requirements and it is very important to us that those requirements are fulfilled. During the process of choosing our vendors, we prefer food vendors who share our views on keeping our environment clean.
  2. Tallinn Street Food Festival calculates the carbon print of the festival. All of the food vendors are obligated to fill out a questionnaire concerning transportation (transportation means, distances) and waste management after the festival. Failure to complete the form will result in restrictions on further cooperation.
  3. Tallinn Street Food Festival’s environmental coordinator will notify all vendors of waste management rules at the festival in advance. Following the rules is obligatory for all food vendors. The organisers reserve the right to immediately suspend the vendor’s activities when they are found to be violating the rules.
  4. Tallinn Street Food Festival requirements for serving food and drink:
    1. drinks can only be served from deposit-subjected cups provided by organiser
    2. food can only be served from reusable or biodegradable dishes, no exceptions allowed
    3. This festival is free of plastic straws. Drinks can only be served with reusable or biodegradable when the customer is physically unable to drink otherwise.
    4. The organisers reserve the right to immediately suspend the vendor’s activities when they are found to be violating the rules.
  5. TTTF is committed to organize waste management to ensure that the waste generated is collected separately and to support visitors in making environmentally friendly choices. Vendors are required to follow the waste management rules established by the festival (including separate collection and storage at designated locations).

🍍 Requirements of application and selection criteria

  1. Food vendors, who are prepared to offer (street) foods that can be cooked on spot, are easily carried and consumed are expected to apply. We also expect applications from vendors, who offer sweets, ice cream, juices and smoothies or hot beverages. However, the organisers will limit the number of such vendors taking into account the concept of the festival.
  2. The sellers of ready-made products (packaged ready-made meals, packaged cookies, pastry, candy, packaged tea etc.) have the lowest priority of participating at the festival.
  3. No separate temporary vendor places will be allocated for selling solely alcoholic beverages at the festival (such as bars or beer tents). Alcoholic beverages may only be sold through food vendors at their vendor places, and if a vendor wishes to offer alcohol to visitors, we ask you to cooperate with certain food vendors. Tallinn Street Food Festival only allows the sale of alcoholic beverages not stronger than 22%.
  4. Food vendors have the obligation to offer at least one light meal and snack or mini-dish for children at the cost of 3 euros maximum for the visitor. The aforementioned dish must be reflected in the food vendor’s menu on the spot.
  5. We expect the food vendors to be ready and capable of preparing and selling at least 400 units of food per day.
  6. Our festivals are international and approximately 20-25 % of our visitors are foreigners, so we expect our food vendors to be prepared for serving customers in English as well.
  7. Food vendors will be selected on the basis of the following criteria:
    1. whether the food vendor meets the requirements of application;
    2. any prior experience of cooperation at festivals organised in Telliskivi Creative City;
    3. the uniqueness of the vendor’s choice of products, menu and layout as well as the thoroughness of the conception according to the information provided upon applying;
    4. Healthiness and ingenuity of the children’s food and snack menu

🌶 Deadline for submitting your application and vendor space fees

  1. The deadline for submitting applications is the 20th of April 2020 at 23:59. The participants will be chosen within three weeks after the deadline. We will also place some food vendors on a waiting list in case any of the participants choose to give up their spaces. We will notify the applicants and present a proposal of confirming their participation to those applicants who completed the competition successfully.
  2. Correct and relevant information must be included in the application form. The details of the vendor, including the maximum use of electricity, cannot be changed later.
  3. Vendor space fees
    1. Standard tent place 3×3 metres or a space for a food truck (up to 3×7 metres) 260€ + VAT, fees for larger spaces can be agreed upon beforehand.
    2. Fee for using electricity: 8€/kw + VAT (the maximum of kw-s allocated for the vendor is stated in the contract; the fee is based on the amount in the contract)
      1. Electricity overnight: 20€ + VAT
  4. Alcohol licence per festival: 50€ + VAT
  5. The fee includes a space on the festival grounds throughout the festival, electrical connection to the switchboard, waste management, security services, and drinking water from a water tank provided by Tallinna vesi.
  6. The participation fee does not include equipment, tent or any other caterimg supplies, neither can we offer vendor spaces with sewage.

🍓 About the contract and organisational information

  1. After mutual confirmation, the organiser of the festival and the vendor will conclude a contract describing the rights and obligations of both parties. Following that we ask the vendors to pay the participation fee on the basis of an invoice. The space is guaranteed after the invoice has been paid. The contract is annulled and the space is given to another vendor when the invoice has not been paid 14 days before the festival.
  2. The vendor can give up the contract for free up to two weeks before the festival. The participation fee is not reimbursed when the vendor gives up the contract less than 14 days before the festival.



This event takes place everywhere :)